AP classes in Egypt


<p>I am a student from Egypt I need to take AP classes since I want to apply to study science,but there are some subjects that I didn't take in my high school as prerequisites.</p>

<p>I wanted is that test tested anywhere like the SAT or I have to go to any american school and ask them if they offer AP classes ?</p>

<p>Please let me know because it would be great if anyone helps me thanks.</p>

<p>The AP test or rather exam is nothing like the SAT.
AP Exam consists of everything you took in high school</p>

<p>Let's take Calculus for example (To ace the exam you need to have strong foundation in Pre-calc, Calc AB & Calc BC) If you did good in those areas in school, then you should be good to go x]</p>


What does applying to study science have anything to do with AP classes?</p>

<p>You don't need to take AP exams to apply to US colleges. SATs are college entrance exams and need to be taken by all applicants, regardless of where from. Unlike SATs, APs are not a college entrance exam but rather part of the American secondary school curriculum. If your school is not following an American curriculum, you are not expected to take AP exams. Whatever exams or credentials are part of your country's curriculum will be accepted by US colleges.</p>