ap credit and placement tests?

<p>The only math placement tests I have seen are for those who did not get a certain score on their ACT math? Are there any other tests for people who got higher than required on their ACT math scores? How does Cal Poly know which math class to place you in?
Also how will we know if Cal Poly receives and recognizes our AP scores? If we receive a score high enough to earn credit for a class (math, physics, chem, etc) will our schedule automatically be adjusted?</p>

<p>I for one very highly doubt that they will auto-adjust your schedule when you get your AP scores in. I still remember having to fax my scores in so they would let me into Calc II my first quarter. Of course, I really don't know for sure. This block scheduling thing was implemented long long after I was a freshman. </p>

<p>I assume you did AP Calculus AB or BC and you are trying get out of Calc I or II. In that case, you AP score is by far the easiest way to do it. They just might let you challenge one of the classes, but again, I really don't know for sure. I've heard it's possible, just rather difficult. </p>

<p>Remember, you don't have to stick the schedule they give you. If you can get a spot in another class, you can swap that class with one of the ones you were assigned as late as the first week of class. In fact, it's not at all unusual to do that. There have been quarters where I was enrolled in less than 4 units at the start of the first week of the quarter.</p>

<p>My daughter was placed in Calc II after taking AP Calc BC in High School. You should have indicated to College Board to send your AP scores to Cal Poly when you took the test. If not, you should call them and see that they are sent there.</p>