AP Credit

<p>I am going to be attending W&M this fall, and I realize that my academic advisor will be able to clear up most of my questions then, but I guess I'm just impatient haha. I looked up the AP Credit policy before I accepted admission of course, but I realized I may have been wrong about one or two things, or at the very least am confused. </p>

<p>So according to the break-down of what the college will typically give credit for, I should have about 18 history credits through AP classes. However, my major will be in the history department, and they said they will only accept up to 6 AP credits. So I calculated how many credits I would have assuming I would just lose those 12 credits. However, I was thinking about it today and was wondering if those 12 credits would still be counted for the overall 120, but as elective credits instead of counting towards my 33 credits required for my major? If anyone has any idea on how the college handles that, it'd be much appreciated, though I realize I can't expect any definite answers til I actually go there. </p>

<p>Also, on a semi-related note, last summer I took two courses at Harvard summer school, one a religion and the other a comparative literature course, where I earned an A- and an A respectively, and I was just wondering if W&M gives any credit for those courses?</p>

<p>You might be able to get credit for the Harvard classes, but you need to submit an official transcript and syllabi to the registrar.</p>

<p>Malvenuto is correct about the Harvard courses. An official transcript and a course description needs to be submitted to the Registrar for evaluation to see if credit can be awarded.</p>

<p>As for your AP credit, you can ask the Registrar's Office whether your additional history credits can be counted towards the 120 graduation requirement. Also, you may be reading the course catalog incorrectly. It states that of the 33 credits required for the major, 15 must be taken in residence (meaning taken at W&M) and it says of the remaining 18 (meaning if you took 18 outside of W&M), only 6 can come from AP credit. If you get 18 credits from AP in history and take 15 credits in history at W&M you should still be fine and not lose any credit.</p>