I received a score of 1 on my ap cod test. So I looked back at my digital portfolio and somehow only my video for the create task and my written responses for the explore task got submitted. This is what resulted in such a low score. Is there anything I can do?

Talk to your AP teacher. There is probably nothing that can be done for this year as I can’t see CB accepting a late submission due to the possibility of cheating. Your AP teacher can ask for a review, though, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Can you retake the test next year?

I would not submit that score to any colleges, not even with an explanation.

But all the work that was not submitted is uploaded there. You can see that all my work was uploaded on may 25th which means I couldn’t have edited anything.

The time to check that everything went through was immediately after the exam. I doubt the CB will entertain a request on this basis.

We were not in school during this time and were unable to receive any real instruction on how to submit this. Although I recall pressing the submit final button multiple times, I guess I missed something or made a mistake in submitting my work. These are obviously unusual times and the college board should recognize that. Especially since there is no way for me to have cheated and edited my work.

Your teacher can initiate a request for a re-score and provide the details on what happened. Unfortunately, I agree with the above that it’s unlikely CB will accept additional material that wasn’t submitted on time through the official channel.

While AP CS principles can be valuable from a learning standpoint for someone who needs an introduction to computer science, it is not particularly valuable in terms of subject credit at most colleges. So don’t be too concerned about losing the possibility of subject credit in college, as long as you actually learned what was taught in the course.

I just don’t understand why they couldn’t. I had some of it submitted already and the rest of it was already uploaded so I had it all done before the due date. If I submitted half of the work I obviously had the rest done

No it’s not obvious. I don’t know what you expect us to say that has8beem said. Ask for a rescore. When the CB tells you that there will be no score change, move on.

As noted above, aside from some state schools that give AP credit like candy, few colleges give credit for CSP

Some “state schools that give AP credit like candy” still may not give any subject credit for AP CS principles (versus generic unspecified credits).

Everything is uploaded there which can’t be edited and was uploaded before the due date.

It is very hard to explain what I can see and unfortunately I can’t send pictures. But all the work is there in draft form. I don’t understand why they couldn’t allow me to submit what is already in there and give me my actual score. If I have a video showing all of my project there was obviously a mistake made. This is my first AP class as a sophomore and we weren’t even in school during submition, tell me you wouldn’t be crushed if you weren’t given a rescore for something you worked hard on and could easily be fixed.

@JohnRV13 Trust me - this isn’t going to ruin your future career in the tech industry if that’s your goal. There is good advice in posts #8 and #9. AP CSP is considered a lightweight AP and the test results from it -good or bad are not going to sink or boost your chances when applying to colleges. If the score is terrible you always have the option of not reporting it.