AP Exam Scores?

I have taken many different AP exams and have performed anywhere from a 2 to a 5. What’s the minimum score I should list on Common App which will still benefit my overall application? I would think the cut-off is posting the exams that are at least 3s or 4s but I am not sure if I should include the exams I got a 3 in.


Probably leave the 2 off and put everything else on.
Did you self study any APs or were they all in school?

Put on all the ones you passed, so 3 and up.

On the Common App, reporting AP scores is voluntary; you can report all/some/none. AP scores carry little to no weight in the admissions process; they are mainly used for credit and/or placement. If your class appears on your transcript as AP, I’d recommend reporting your score, particularly if you scored a 3+. Withholding scores may cause the AO to assume that:
• Financial hardship prevented you from taking the exam
• You were not motivated enough to take the exam
• You took the exam and performed poorly (1 or 2)
The first one will not affect your application; the last 2 may raise an eyebrow. AO’s can, and have, contacted GC’s to explain why there are no AP scores reported on the application.

@rdeng2614: All my APs were taught in school.

@GoatGirl19 and @skieurope: Thank you!