AP Human Geography Prep?

<p>Hey guys! So I am a freshman and I will be taking my first AP exam in 2 weeks- AP Human Geography.
Do you have any suggestions on how to prepare for the exam?
Thanks :)</p>

<p>I’m in the same boat you are. </p>

<p>Preparing for the exam? Review notes, Read the study guide, take a few practice exams. If you have friends in AP Human Geo with you, try to get a kind of “Jeopardy” game going on(we did that one in class, it helped a bunch). Oh, and since most people are worried about the free response part most, theres a document floating around the web(it does that every year), showing the past FRQ questions, and the Big, Important topics that haven’t been tested yet. Keep in mind, it’s not a guarantee that the topics listed will be FRQ’s, but there’s a good chance they might be.</p>