AP/IB Classes Questions

<p>Exactly how difficult is IB Chemistry HL? I'm taking it next year because i honestly do love the chemistry subject that I'm in right now, but i wasn't sure if it's too difficult because im full diploma.</p>

<p>Ill have</p>

<p>IB English HL1 A1
IB Spanish B HL1
IB Chemistry HL1
IB Math Studies SL
AP US History

<p>Would I be overloaded? </p>

<p>I'm a fairly good student. I get A's in my math science and english classes but my history sucks</p>

<p>Chemistry HL is a conceptually based Chemistry course, that delves deep into a lot of topics. Depending on the options the course teaches, you might be doing a lot of chain bonding.</p>

<p>I was also curious what the difference in the syllabus is between IB and AP chemistry. I can't find an AP chem syllabus</p>

<p>Did you check the collegeboard site? or AP Central? </p>


<p>AP Chem is mostly math based. A lot of math involved.
IB Chemistry has math, but not to depth of AP Chemistry.</p>

<p>Thanks a ton =D but im still worried :[</p>

<p>lol don't worry, I've looked at the HL Chemistry stuff since I take it next year but I work on it with this year's HL students.</p>

<p>It'll be hard, but it'll be worth it.</p>

<p>How are the labs because i love labs</p>

<p>People in my school say it's a killer but I guess if your interests lie there...</p>

<p>I'm doing IB Chemistry HL in my school right now and for me it is a hard course but not killer, still manageable. I'm a fairly good student so I guess you'll be fine if you have a genuine interest in the subject. The labs are actually fun but a pain to write. Good luck!</p>

<p>If your options are biochem and medicinal chem, you make drugs.</p>