Ap physics and ap bio next year?

this year im taking ap chem and bio h and im wondering is two ap sciences too hard in one year?

and yes, I will take advice and try not to be as adamant

Hi @m8thical ,

Just checked out your last post that they closed for some reason. There are a lot of incredibly knowledgeable people on this website, and I must say it’s a fantastic resource for us confused high schoolers.

About AP Sciences, they are nowhere near as hard as everyone makes them out to be. Before sophomore year, I had to move high schools and the only AP Science we had was AP Phys 1 for some reason. First day, our teacher tells us this is “the hardest classes we take in high school”. I was literally able to finish all of the HW from that class IN THE SAME CLASS PERIOD IT WAS ASSIGNED, and so were my friends. It was so easy I studied for the AP Phys C Mechanics exam instead and got a 5. My friends who took the Phys 1 exam all got 5’s. Honestly, I can’t think of anyone who DIDN’T get a 5 in my class.

I can’t speak to AP Bio cuz I skipped it to take Cell & Molec bio at a local college, but bio in general is a recall heavy subject. Ofc you’ll also have to understand many biological processes, but I have faith in you ?

Finally, I just want to mention that you’re gonna want to make sure you also have solid ECs (very important advice that EVERYONE here on CC will tell you ?). If taking 2 AP Sciences means you’ll have to sacrifice ECs you enjoy, I would recommend just saving one of them for later and maintaining a balanced, enjoyable lifestyle.

Sorry I wrote so much! I hope that you find this helpful! Best of luck in your future academic pursuits!



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2 AP sciences are definitely doable, depending on student. My daughter took
AP chemistry and Physics C (Mechanics) as a junior and did very well. How are you doing in your current science courses?

@RockyPA I’m doing alright in my current science courses. I have a 94 im ap chem and 91 in biology because I forgot to turn in a study guide for bio 3 days later and got a 2/16 on it

If you are hardworking and organized, then it’s definitely doable. My kid took AP Bio and IB Chem during junior year and earned her best GPA of high school. Those sciences plus other advanced classes and ECs forced her to optimize her time.

Ok thanks

2 AP or IB level science classes is common at my kids high school.

I would ask your current science teachers’ opinion as they know your abilities as well as the curriculum at your HS.

Be certain to consider your overall schedule (not just each individual class) to be sure it won’t be overwhelming. For example if you skip ahead in math then that subject may become more time consuming and make taking two AP sciences more difficult than it otherwise would have been.

yes I have considered my overall schedule and it consists of 5 APs next year, but I’ve heard from some friends that AP bio is relatively easy if you did good in bio H and I’ve heard the same about stats and spanish

Physics 1 or Physics C?

I don’t think AP Physics 1 and AP Bio would be any more difficult than honors Bio and AP Chem.

Ap phsyics C elect

AP Physics C is calculus based. At my kids’ highschool you need to be concurrently enrolled in Calc or have already taken Calc to enroll in AP Physics C. You have not yet taken Pre-Calc right? What’s up @m8thical? Ask your teachers what they think. And your counselor. Both AP Bio and AP Physics C are super fun courses. Take them if you think you are well prepared and would enjoy them.