AP physics and AQA GCSE Electronics

I was a physics major. Looking at the study guides I think they have condensed the content to get physics taught in a year so that AQA GCSE Electronics can be taught before physics. It’s an odd match. Circuits before physics?

Does anyone know the leading institution to condense physics content?
I don’t think AP physics covers the MCAT anymore. Physics with Calculus looks alright. For two semesters.

What is missing in circuits from AP physics are capacitors in series and parallel. Sorry, I don’t think the reformed AP physics courses are good enough.

AP Physics E&M should be sufficient preparation for basic circuits and eletronics. For deeper understanding of how electronic devices (beyond simple resistors/capacitors/inductors, etc.) themselves work, one would need more advanced physics knowledge.

They’ve dropped RLC circuits. Maybe to avoid teaching complex numbers?

Are you referring to AP Physics C E&M? Circuits really aren’t a focus of physics. Complex numbers are just a way to make arithmetic simpler for basic circuit calculation. The underlying physics is the phase shift in EM waves as a result of induction due to changes in EM fields, which should be taught in the AP course.

I taught complex numbers with University physics.

At my highschool they tried to teach something called math analysis as the “this space for rent here” class. Truth tables and contraposition have evolved. It would be different. From the wikipedia. Honestly, it’s quite a rewrite of mathematics at the fundamental level, and at grad school I met people qualified to do that. In order to be able to do that you do need something like a royal title or “general secretary of the communist party.”