AP Physics C concurrent with Physics Honors?

<p>I’ve always been interested in physics, but my school isn’t exactly top of the top in science, as it is more focused on language arts. In fact, next year will be the first time in six years it has even offered an AP science course (AP Bio, which I’m also taking).</p>

<p>Anyway, here’s my question. I really want to take Physics C next year, as I think it will give me a good head start for college and for admissions. Problem is, my school has everyone take Physics Honors in their senior year. I plan to take Physics Honors at my high school and concurrently take Physics C through Stanford’s EPGY. I’ve got a solid calculus background, as I have taken BC this past year and will take Calc III/Linear Algebra next year. Is the physics doable?</p>

<p>If you "get" physics, it shouldn't be a problem, though the calculus isn't that big a part in the curriculum or the AP test. If you aren't good at understanding physics, it could be a problem.</p>

<p>So you have done AP Calculus BC? Argh, it is going to be tough especially when you are going to tackle both Linear Algebra and Calc III at the same time. Calc III itself is already a bit difficult, when doing Linear Algebra at the same time (just the workload, can you imagine?) you are putting up yourself for a suicide.</p>

<p>I would actually skip physics honors at your local hs entirely. physics C only focus on mechanics and e&m, whereas your regular honors physics course would probably include a variety of other topics (optics, thermodynamics, waves...etc). Considering your background in math I assume you are going into engineering in college? If so, physics C is all you need, no need for honors physics at school, unless the course it self is easy & does not take too much time away from you on a regular basis.</p>