AP Physics Decisions

I want to major in engineering, but due to schedule conflicts I will only be able to do AP Physics in senior year. I will do the calculus based version that is not a problem for me, but I want to know if colleges will think of me badly if I only do AP Physics in senior year and am majoring in engineering.

Why? You still will be taking AP Physics, albeit as a senior. Colleges see your current schedule as well as your transcript. Many of my son’s friends who are interested in engineering are taking AP Physics C during their senior year.

@TheGreyKing Did they take any sort of physics before senior year?

As long as you take physics, bio and chem sometime during high school, you’re fine.

You should be fine, but top college will want students who took AP Physics 1,2,and C.

@greencrayon but isnt ap physics c just a harder version of 1 and also my school doesnt offer 2?

@greencrayon8383 who takes all 4? Colleges only expect that you challenge yourself with the courses your school offers.
OP, you’re fine it’s perfectly ok to take AP Physics senior yearn just make sure that you have taken at least a year of bio and chem as well.

In answer to your question for me: Some yes, some no. No student is eligible for calculus until 12th grade in our school, so no one could take Physics C until 12th. Also, there is no possibility of taking an AP bio, chem or physics prior to taking honors chemistry in 10th grade. Two kids took AP physics 1 and 2 in 11th, and then C in 12th, but all the other engineering/ hard science types took accelerated earth science in 8th, honors bio in 9th, honors chem in 10th, AP chem or AP bio in 11th, and AP Physics C in 12th. As long as you take AP Physics at some point in your high school career-- hey, you’ve taken it!

No top college in this universe or any other will expect any applicant to take all 4.

For the OP, colleges will not care if you take a class senior year or junior year, so long as you take some type of physics.

I think colleges want to see you take at least one AP science which you have done.