AP Physics or Honors Physics

So I am planning to decide which physics to take. If AP physics which AP physics should I take.

This is my current schedule(freshman year):
Algebra 2 Competition(Honors credit though)
Spanish 2
AP Computer Science Principles
AICE General Papers
Study Hall 1
Debate 1 Honors
Chemistry Honors
World History Honors

This is next year schedule(sophomore year):
Precalculus Competition(Precalculus Honors and AP Statistics in one class)
Spanish 3
Physics(do not know which physics to take)
AICE English Language
AP Chemistry
Study Hall 2
AP Biology

The normal science progression is: biology/chemistry/physics

I have already taken biology and by end of this year would have completed chemistry. I am taking physics next year.

Social studies progression is World History/American History/half a year of economics and half a year of our government.

Math progression is Algebra 1/Geometry/Algebra 2/Precalculus/and then Calculus.

Would this schedule be too rigorous or not.

You don’t need 3 sciences in the same year and AP Bio and AP Chem concurrently is a time suck with labs. Move one to senior year.

Do you recommend replacing AP Bio with AP Environmental Science?


No. I recommend you only take 2 science classes and not jam in another class simply because it’s AP

Take Honor Chem, AP Chem, AP Bio, then AP Physics over 4 years.
Don’t worry about AP Env Sci just because it is AP.

I am currently taking Honor Chem and will complete by end of this year.

Take Ap Physics 1 and DO NOT take AP chem nor AP Bio
Take Physics Honors and AP Bio, taking AP Chem senior year.
Taking 3 sciences in one year is not just overkill, it’s seen as hubris by colleges. Don’t do it.
Instead, take an AICE class that looks fun or original (ie., outside the typical AP list).
Keep some sort of History/social science for senior year (it’ll make you more competitive).

I could probably take AICE thinking skills in my other elective then.