AP scores via Snail Mail

<p>D doesn't think she fared too well on her AP exams so didn't opt for getting the scores online or via phone. Has anyone received the AP scores through the mail? If so, when did you get them?

<p>Scores just arrived today.</p>

<p>Have her call her highschool- my school got them about a week ago, and was happy to tell me my scores when I called them.</p>

<p>My son got his Monday.</p>

<p>We must be a little slow in TN.</p>

<p>Our AP scores are not yet here either (CT).</p>

<p>None yet in Michigan.</p>

<p>received ours 10 days ago in Calif.</p>

<p>No scores in PA</p>

<p>My son's scores arrived by mail in CA yesterday (Tuesday).</p>

<p>Seems to be taking longer for the east coast. Nothing yet in ny.</p>

<p>Yesterday here for my daughter in CA.</p>

<p>Nothing in Maine, although some folks on the west coast got theirs at the end of last week! The rule seems to be: the greater the distance between your home and ETS in Princeton, NJ, the faster you get your scores. Go figure!</p>

<p>Ca. here last Friday</p>

<p>Not here, MA.</p>

<p>so when should the east be expecting them? anyone know?</p>

<p>i got mine in the mail yesterday - Texas</p>

<p>Last year (and the year before) NJ was pretty much the last place to get them. It can be weird though... my friend one county away got them two days later than I did last year.</p>

<p>We are near Philadelphia in PA and haven't received them yet.</p>

<p>No scores in NJ</p>

<p>Previous four years we were getting them around July 4th...</p>