AP scores via Snail Mail

<p>Really, because last year I got them July 19th. (In NYC) I'm expecting the same for this year</p>

<p>when you say contact your school do you mean high school or college?</p>

<p>It depends-- some college have the scores posted, and your high schools also get your scores too so they might give them to you. Either way, they all get them before we do :(</p>

<p>Score in the mail today, Wednesday the 13th, northeast Ohio.</p>

<p>No scores yet in Maryland, either, tho' the high school said that they got them.</p>

<p>They came Mon to Alaska</p>

<p>TX - received today.</p>

<p>I am 20 minutes away from princeton. Nothing yet.</p>

<p>Nothing in south Florida!</p>

<p>Nothing yet in Georgia</p>

<p>Came in the mail today to Michigan.</p>

<p>Came in the mail today to northeast Ohio.</p>

<p>They were in Monday or Tuesday's mail in California. (We have a PO box, so I checked the box on Tuesday after d got a call from a friend who received his on Monday). Very good news for her - a 4 & a 5. Obviously d is quite happy with results.</p>

<p>Nothing yet in New Hampshire.</p>

<p>Nothing in Delaware</p>

<p>Nothing in VA.</p>

<p>Nothing in Indiana.</p>

<p>Scores came Monday (CA).</p>

<p>Nothing yet in Pittsburgh, PA.</p>

<p>Nothing yet in Iowa.</p>