AP scores via Snail Mail

<p>Never mind...came in the mail today in Indiana.</p>

<p>Nothing yet in Florida</p>

<p>sounds as if they sent out all the west coast and then they're progressively moving across the nation...</p>

<p>I think some of them are consigned to delivery by the texas armadillos that took their own sweet time in April ...</p>

<p>Still nothing here, but we know the scores already (got them by phone before S went off to camp).</p>

<p>nothing here in NY</p>

<p>Nothing in Maryland yet!</p>

<p>I think they go to the colleges/universities first - and then a copy to the student. Just received a letter from my son at West Point - they got his scores, we haven't received anything at home in NJ.</p>

<p>Nothing in Arizona yet.</p>

<p>S got his in the mail Monday of this week --- Idaho.</p>

<p>How would they know which college to send the scores to?</p>

<p>you should've marked it on the answer sheet.</p>

<p>Has anyone in eastern PA received their scores yet? My D has not.</p>

<p>We're in eastern PA and didn't get them yet.</p>

<p>Nothing in Virginia as of 7/14...S registered for his classes without them.</p>

<p>S got his in the mail about a week ago. California.</p>

<p>Kentucky: scores arrived 7/14</p>

<p>slowly moving east....today maybe?</p>

<p>Nothing in today's mail-NH.</p>

<p>Nothing in PA!</p>