AP scores via Snail Mail

<p>I suppose I won't be getting mine either then. Sounds like things haven't made their way over to the east coast yet. :X</p>

<p>SoCal arrived 7/11</p>

<p>S's came today in Louisiana.</p>

<p>Still nothing in the mail in MA, Friday.</p>

<p>Nothing in TN today!</p>

<p>and nothing still in MD. Looks like this followed many other educational trends...starting in California and slowly moving East.</p>

<p>not in eastern PA yet either!</p>

<p>No AP scores in northern VA (near Wash, DC)--at least not at our house.</p>

<p>Still not here in CT...DD doesn't think her score was all that terrific so she's not all that eager to see...</p>

<p>hopefully tomorrow? :X</p>

<p>*** man NYC is across the freakin' river from ETS. california is on the other side of the COUNTRY!!!</p>

<p>i want my scores!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>Came today...in Indiana</p>

<p>Still nothing today in VA.</p>

<p>nothing in mass.</p>

<p>Arrived today in FL.</p>

<p>Forget about AP scores. Here's the owl report: The Harry Potter book arrived today from Amazon, around noon....</p>

<p>Hrm...Florida ..thats east coast! - maybe they're getting here.</p>

<p>Arrived in NJ</p>

<p>yay. Florida ..New Jersey ... I have faith in Monday the scores arriving for the rest of us !</p>

<p>Finally, got 'em in PA.</p>