AP Spanish vs. AP US Government and Politics

<p>Hey there,
I just switched out of AP Spanish and I am not sure if that was a smart idea. Since 7th grade I have been taking Spanish, but now I would be taking a year off...and then take IB SL Spanish as a junior, which would be much easier than AP Spanish at my school.</p>

<p>Also, this would mean that I would actually have 2 years break from spanish, once as a sophomore and once as a senior (after I take sl spanish).</p>

<p>Will having a gap years look bad for colleges, especially the Ivies I have my eyes on? (Especially Harvard, Yale and Princeton)</p>

<p>Background note: I am currently a sophomore and I have a 4.0 average, but I struggled badly to maintain that because of my difficulties in Spanish 4. However, as a freshman, I took Government Honors and got an A+ average. And I enjoy government more, even though I plan on majoring in Biomedical engineering while in Pre-Med. O.o</p>

<p>The class that I will now substitute for AP Spanish would be AP US Government and Politics...is this a good idea? Am I making the worst scheduling mistake I could ever make?!</p>

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<p>Surprise, surprise.</p>



<p>Having diverse academic interests isn’t weird…
I want to be a math major. I like philosophy but not statistics. </p>

<p>It probably would have been better to take AP Spanish, but as long as you end up with the equivalent of three (ideally four) years of a foreign language (when colleges say they want this, they’re generally assuming you started 9th grade without any knowledge of the language) you’ll be fine.</p>

<p>The AP Spanish exam isn’t particularly difficult. I took Honors Spanish V instead of AP Spanish since I really hate Spanish, and I took the exam at the end of the year with minimum prep and got a 4.</p>

<p>I am in AP Calc ab/bc, Ap Chemistry and Ap Euro already…I just thought it would be really hard to do AP Spanish with those classes (I struggled in spanish 4 with only honors classes). I really am just worried about college opinions at this point. :confused:</p>

<p>I guess it would be important to mention that our only ap spanish teacher is pregnant and is leaving sometime in February - March… that would leave us with subs the rest of the year.</p>