AP Stats or AP Chemistry for Computer Science?

Hey everyone, I am at a crossroad in my decision right now. For next year’s schedule I am recommended for AP chemistry already. However, I have heard that if you want to pursue a path in computer science, AP stats is a better course to have in terms of this path way. Because I can’t have one over the other due to the fact that my schedule is full for next year, I can only keep one of these course.

I also have to admit that while AP stats is somewhat related to computer science, I have also taken into consideration the fact that AP chem offers a lab that adds a nice GPA boost alongside the course. AP stats also was argued by many of my friends that it might not be helpful in anyway to comp sci while others offer different opinions. Which one should i choose?

Most good computer science schools probably will not take AP Stats for credit as far as replacing a course. As for impressing college admission officers and college usefulness, it’s probably a wash, but undoubtedly AP Chem will take up a lot more of your time.

Ok, thank you!

I’m curious to know how much a GPA boost would matter for senior year. In my school, AP Stats is quite easy and taught by a really great teacher. On the other hand, AP chemistry has a nice GPA boost that comes with lab. Since I’m a junior this year, I still want to maintain at least another AP class along with my senior schedule, but not get overwork like this year. If a senior year GPA boost means nothing as in freshman, sophomore, and junior year, then I might not want to take AP chem senior year. Basically asking myself if I want to choose the easier AP class or the nice GPA boost AP class during senior year. Any suggestions?

If the CS major requires some non CS science, AP chemistry may help fulfill it.

AP statistics is unlikely to be counted against a statistics requirement that is typically calculus based.