app fee waiver , deadline and others

Is there deadline for application fee waiver to HYPS , MIT , Amherst and other few??
I am planning to send it after some time , so is Jan 1st the deadline for FEE WAIVER??</p>

<p>BTW : how much cost and time does it take to send a letter from india to US via NORMAL POST(NOT SPEED POST??)</p>

<p>You should probably e-mail the admissions coordinators at these universities to find out the last date for postmark of application fee waivers.</p>

<p>As for cost and time of postage, I have no clue since I have never used any manual postal system :p</p>

<p>^I did Email them , they don’t give answer in specifics and they just post the link which
isn’t explanatory . </p>

<p>any answers??</p>

<p>Well then, you should email them again saying you didn’t understand how to go about addressing your problem. There’s nothing wrong in asking again :)</p>