Appalachian State Early Action Class of 2024

Hi! Applied early action and was wondering if anyone had heard anything. In the past few years, they’ve typically released their decisions online the 3rd Thursday in December, but who knows…
I was just curious, mine still says under review. Good luck to everyone!!

My daughter also applied early action to App. She is still checking her portal daily in hopes. Last year it looks like they started releasing decisions around 12/12. Hopefully everyone will hear soon. Good luck!

I applied Early Action to App State too. Mine says still awaiting review but hopefully some time this month we should get something.

I also applied early action and am still waiting

Did others get invited to apply to HC right after application was sent in?

Hi! I also have applied early action back in september! It seems like most people start hearing back right around mid-december through mid-january! Luckily for us, the wait shouldn’t be too much longer! woohoo!

Also applied early action, still under review.

My DS applied EA as well and he just received his update on the portal. He was ACCEPTED and is thrilled. Seems like they are releasing decisions as I type this. Good luck everyone.

My daughter just received her acceptance. Good luck to everyone:)

Son has received his Acceptance!! So exciting! ??

Son checked his portal and got his acceptance notice! No email alert interestingly but all official

Son received an email to check portal! He is in and is over the moon! Congrats to all!

Me and my twin sister just got our acceptances!!

I was also accepted today!

Our son was accepted today, and App is his first choice! Did anyone receive any scholarship information with their acceptance letter? At the Inside Appalachian Event we attended, we were told the admissions application doubles as the applications for the Appalachian Excellence and ACCESS scholarships.

I just found the answer to my own question on their web site. Here it is for anyone else who may be wondering: “All students who complete the scholarship application prior to the November 15 deadline will be reviewed by various scholarship committees on campus and notified in January via mail. Students selected to interview must participate in our on-campus Scholars Day event held in February. All information regarding your scholarship status will be sent to you via mail and email.”

My DS was accepted today and received the Excellence Scholarship award. He didn’t apply for Honors College.

SAT - 1430
WGPA - 4.6xx/5.0
GPA - 4.0/4.0
Class Rank - 3/390
Applied on deadline and received email to check portal.

I got an email at 5:30 with to check the portal. I was accepted.

WGPA: 3.833/4
Class Rank: 2/107
Applied 11/1 Early Action

I’ve been accepted!

ACT - 30
WGPA - 3.8125
UWGPA - 3.2
Class Rank - 13/45
Applied late October

Congrats everyone !

Our son did receive the Excellence Scholarship. It was on his acceptance letter last night in the portal.