Appalachian State University Class 2023

Has anyone received a decision yet from App ? If so, can you share…

No… :frowning: I anticipate they’ll be out tomorrow or Saturday

We haven’t heard anything yet either. The portal says by January 20th. I really hope it’s sooner! The wait is agonizing!!!

I’ve heard of people who heard back from them a while ago but no I still haven’t heard anything ):

I am trying to keep the attitude that no news is good news. At least it isn’t a rejection

Did everyone receive the Dec 20th email from App about the counselors working around the clock and the decisions will be to us by January 23rd?

My son received the email on Dec 20th but it said Jan 25th, not 23rd. Doesn’t stop us from checking every day though… Either way only a week away if they make this deadline.

@Sdowd526, you’re correct the email said 25th. We check everyday as well :slight_smile:

Checking twice a day even though I know that makes no sense.

I got accepted back in December!

Is the weather there bearable?

@johnthomas this would be a great question for an App State student… here is the thread…

Portals are open! #AppSaidYes

Woohoo! Congratulations! Got our answer also #AppSaidYes

Yes here too, but Spring of 2020 but I am not complaining just hope some don’t want Fall admission and I move up either way I will be there by Spring.

Congrats SM1213! Hopefully some Fall spots will open up.

My daughter, who is so excited to be going to App next year, has a couple of friends who were also accepted for Fall and have chosen to commit to other schools, so as soon as they officially give up their spots, I know of at least two that will be opening up, so don’t lose hope! It is such a great school, so whether you start in the Fall or Spring, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

I was accepted to Spring,and sent updated test scores and transcript and just got an email that I am in for Fall!!


My son is in! He hasn’t decided yet. Can anyone share what they love about App and Boone? I will pass along to him!