Applicant Portal

Has anyone who applied for fall 2021 admittance received the email invite to create their applicant portal? Son applied using the Coalition App on August 18th. Received confirmation of the receipt of his application on September 4th. Still no email regarding creating the applicant portal.

I would contact

Make sure that since you did early something didn’t get lost in transmission.

Same issue here. We contacted them a month ago and they said to look for it in a few weeks. I’m wondering if we should reach out again.

Seems like they are still building it then. My son will probably follow up with them to check in. My son applied using the Coalition App including self reporting his classes and grades and also completed the SRAR through VT’s site. Curious to see how they will all be linked.

Last year they stopped requiring the grades completed in SRARs as they were able to link into Coalition. Prior to that they didn’t have the links and you had to double enter.

The application webpage instructions still seem to indicate that the SRAR needs to be completed separately. When my son inquired of admissions, they instructed him to complete it. Perhaps when they send out instructions on the applicant portal, it will become more clear. My son followed up with admissions today and they indicated that the instructions regarding the applicant portal should be coming mid October. For a “tech” school, you’d think their process would be more polished.

Has anyone received the email for portal info yet?

We have not.

I bet they don’t have the links for the Common App yet so they are making everyone fill out SRAR again.

They created the links to the Coalition last year - you would think they would tell people doing Coalition they don’t need to. Looks like they are just making all do it anyway.

Hi all - portal emails will begin to be distributed tomorrow. We have a brand new portal experience and have moved away from the Guest Account used in previous years. Please let us know if you have further questions.

Thanks for the update and great to hear about the new portal!

Great to have you here.

Thank you for the portal update.