Applicants Thread C/O 2019

Hello !! Not sure how active this thread will get since the Trinity University forum seems to be a little bit sparse, but was hoping that this thread could serve as a means for prospective applicants to connect, compare stats (constructively), and solve any issues that may arise in the application process.

Hello, my son is starting at Trinity University this year. Run, don’t walk to sign up for this AMAZING school. My son had the opportunity to go to many top universities since he had a 35 ACT, but chose Trinity University because of the engaged campus environment, beautiful campus, state of the art CSI Building, and amazing opportunities for research. Last year Trinity University had over 8,500 hundred applicants. It was just listed in one survey as the number one school in Texas, above Rice and UT Austin. My son ended up choosing Trinity over these schools because a PhD teaches every class and you do not have to compete with graduate students for the lab time.

We moved him onto campus yesterday to attend an activity called The Plunge. When we moved him into his room, I was amazed. He has two balconies, one in the front and one in the back, a huge walk in closet, and state of the art technology. There was a sign on his desk that stated all electronic devices you own are TV’s, so sign up for free.

With a son that has a passion to pursue a PhD in biological sciences, Trinity seemed like the fit. He has found the number of extra curricular activities he can join a big plus as well.

If you are serious about Trinity University, I would highly recommend attending the Trinity days where you will get the feel of the school over the course of 6 hours. I can definitely say that engaging with the faculty, students, organizations, and faculty for a full 6 hours helped my son to decide on Trinity University. He received top merit scholarships from all colleges and universities where he applied, but Trinity was the best choice for him.

Enjoy your senior year. As a mom, I can say that I am absolutely thrilled to launch our son into the next chapter of his life as a Tiger at Trinity University.

My daughter is anxiously awaiting December 15th for EAI results! We’ve visited Trinity a couple of times (a tour and later a Trinity in Focus day) and she just did an overnight experience earlier this week. The overnight confirmed how much she really likes the school! Everyone that she or I have met have been extremely nice and welcoming.

Luckily, her GPA/ACT score will guarantee her the top scholarship and a chance to compete for the Towers. So, now we just nervously await the admission decision!

Trinity U is an underrated college. My high achieving niece who graduated top 3% in her class is there as a sophomore now. She chose Trinity over other higher ranked colleges she was accepted to. As early as freshman year, she was already working on research projects. Her younger sister, now a senior in HS, is also applying there. We’re from Illinois but Trinity U is worth the distance.

We are also anxiously awaiting results for Early Decision as my son has his heart set on Trinity. He’s been accepted at his #2 school already so we’re hoping Trinity doesn’t wait until 12/1 (the published notification date) to let him know if he’s in or not.

We’re still waiting, too, for my son’s admission decision. He’s been accepted to 2 schools thus far–his top choice being Baylor with quite an attractive scholarship, and thus far, he’s committed to attending there and very happy about it. I urged him to apply to Trinity Early Action as well since I attended a very small liberal arts college with LOTS of money and programs focused on STEM (even back from 1986-1990!), so I understand first hand the benefits of attending a small school with devoted professors and close classmates. It is a hidden gem for sure, and I wish everyone the best with their decisions!

My son is waiting on the admission decision from Trinity as well. I was hoping they had rolling admissions and might let us know sooner than Dec 15 but maybe not.

@edumax it seems like from last year’s thread that EA notifications went out on 12/14. I would think the latest would be 12/14 again since the 15th is a Saturday. We are anxious!

Same over here!! We are anxious too. I much prefer the rolling admissions.

Agree it is a well-kept secret and a gem. We are from the Kansas City suburbs and our son is a freshman there. He’s really enjoying it, got a great scholarship, and is appreciating all the opportunities a huge endowment brings. Very happy!

We were in your shoes at this time last year, and I believe we got word of our son’s acceptance and merit scholarship by about 12/15. Agree it is a well-kept secret and a gem. We are from the Kansas City suburbs and our son is now a freshman there. He’s really enjoying it, got a great scholarship, and is appreciating all the opportunities a huge endowment brings. Very happy!

Agree! Our kiddo is a freshman there and there are a TON of very smart kids there. So it’s competitive but not ridiculous.

@“Michigan87#” We are from the MO suburbs of KC. DH does a lot of business in Texas, so he knows about the great rep Trinity has and has businees assoiates who have attended Trinity or whose kids attend/have attend Trinity. DD is premed and the large number of state med schools in TX is very attractive to us. She could get TX residency and be eligible for thier very reasonable in-state tution - which is huge! The next two weeks will be so long waiting for DD’s admissions decision. As an out of state student has your son found the transition to be easy cultural wise? DD is liberal and she felt the vibe was not too conservative. Strangely enough she visited Southwestern which is listed as more liberal on Niche and she felt is was more conservative than Trinty.

Our family is from the California Bay Area and our son is a freshman at Trinity. He settled in quickly and made lots of friends across different settings. Really happy with his classes and social life. The area around Trinity was blanketed with Beto signs during the midterms. Not a very political kid in HS, my son attended a “watch party” with friends, tracking the election returns the night of the midterms. He has nothing but positive things to say so far…

San Antonio is actually our hometown. I’m glad to hear so many of you from out of state have kids who are happy there. By all accounts, it is a great school. =)

Is it true that Trinity prefers students with high income families and low FAFSA?

@Universitya11 - I hope not, because we are neither :slight_smile:

@COboysmom same. But I read on another thread (can’t remember which) where a few people said that they had good scores and believe they got rejected bc their aid was too high.

Forgive me for sounding ignorant…Why would a school care about someone receiving financial aid? Is the school the one paying this money?

@edumax - Yes, it’s my understanding that financial aid is awarded from the college’s endowment fund.