<p>So, which applications did you guys get in the mail, and which are you still waiting on?</p>

<p>I only got MIT's and Stanford's. Still waiting for Caltech's, HMC's, Princeton's and Cornell's.</p>

<p>I got MIT, Stanford, Harvard and Northwestern. Not waiting for any more</p>

<p>I got Amherst, like, in July. But, I'm not really waiting, I'm applying online.</p>

<p>hey i have a question about the applications...when are you supposed to send your transcripts and do they have to be sent by the school directly?? Cant I just go to my school and get "legal copies" and then send them myself, I doubt that my college counselor would do that for me?!?! Also when do the teacher recommendations have to be sent? Does the application deadline include the teacher recs? Thanks for any help....</p>


<p>When I spoke to my school's principal, she said that the midyear report is sent later the other application documents. I don't know about your country, but in Bulgaria we receive our midyear grades in the beginning of February. Also, I believe that the teacher recs should be sent prior to the deadline. I suggest that you either check again the deadlines of the universities you've chosen or talk directly to your college counselor. The counselors must be informed about those issues.</p>

<p>foreigngirl, your best bet is to check with the colleges you are applying to for the rules which they want you to follow. In general, the application deadline is the date when admissions offices want everything to have arrived. This includes the application itself, essays, letters of recommendation, your official transcript, etc. The mid-year report can be forwarded afterwards when it is available but the initial official transcript should come directly from your school and it will include all courses which you have completed as well as, usually, the courses which you are currently taking.</p>

<p>I got MIT, Yale, Harvard, Middlebury, Swarthmore, WU-st louis and plenty of other schools most of which do not offer even a penny for international freshman.</p>

<p>i've received harvard and yale. and waiting on princeton, stanform, uni. penn and MIT and john hopkins (?)</p>

<p>I got Harvard, Amherst, Chicago, Dartmouth, Brown, Colgate, Stanford</p>

<p>Out of these only applying to Chicago, Brown and possibly Amherst.</p>