Applied Mathematics VS Actuarial Science

Anyone in Universities abroad like to share if they have taken up any of the two field and how was their experience?

Its probably a little late, but I’ll give my 5 cents anyway.

I am not in university yet, but I think that it is safe to assume that you wish to work as an actuary or pretty much any financial role really.

If you wish to work as an actuary, you can sign up with some insurance companies who will offer you a salary, training, books to learn from, study leaves etc. It is best to pursue this option after completing your undergrad degree.

The question then becomes to choose the degree. Employers dont demand a degree in actuarial science for you to become an actuary. Any numerate degree like applied maths, physics, economics or finance will do. This is because you will probably have a larger depth of knowledge after doing a different degree, and you will have to give the papers for actuarial science anyway.

To become a qualified actuary, you will have to give exams from a qualified board like the British one (Institute of Actuaries). A life insurance company may assist you with this if you are doing an internship.

If you wish to work in a financial role, you should probably go for an applied math or finance degree. Actuarial Science is quite well known for the level of difficulty and the dedication required to be certified. Also, the universities in Pakistan that offer Actuarial Science degree do not give any exemptions from the exams conducted by the Institute of Actuaries.

My knowledge on this matter is not complete. You can contact firms who employ actuaries to find out more. Please do visit this website

Don’t do actuarial science. Do bachelors in maths and Phd in applied maths

@juggu96 I intend to do BS AMS(Applied Mathematics and Statistics) and BS Economics.
Can I get an explanation for your answer?