Applied to Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)

<p>I applied for early admissions for Engineering and I am just wondering how competitive it is, I take the IB Diploma (predicted 42/45). I have also taken SAT and SAT Subject Tests (Maths level 2, Physics, Chemistry).</p>

<p>What are yout SAT & SAT II scores? See <a href=“[quote]SAT”>


<p>I got 1850 in SAT in my first sitting, for Subject Tests, I got 760 in Maths Level 2, 700 in Physics and 790 in Chemistry.
However it does not necessarily mean I will get accepted so I’m just wondering how competitive it is.</p>

<p>I didn’t know HKUST accept people with just their SAT scores…</p>

<p>I’m from Hong Kong, and unfortunately I can answer you HKUST’s engineering is probably the most competitive one in Hong Kong, so I don’t think your chances are great especially when you didn’t send AP scores</p>

@alafae I did some research and from what I’ve seen, 42 is more than enough to secure you a place in HKUST engineering. I’ve seen a 36 get accepted last year and offers are typically 33-35!

Indeed it is not that hard to be accepted, however, we also have to take account into the exact engineering program OP is applying, halls and other activities, links to the school and Hong Kong itself. Pardon me, OP does have a good chance, but what I was stressing that APs might give him/her an edge :slight_smile: Thanks for the reminder though @coco1997‌

@alafae yeah thats true, from what I’ve seen, HKUST puts alot of emphasis on physical/science and math grades, then look at your overall grade, plus your personal statement and recommendations, and finally your extra circulars.

@alafae do you mind rating me as well though…
My GCSE/IGCSE grades are 4A*/5As/2Bs
My IB predicted is 39 overall :confused: with 6s in math sl, chinese b, econ hl, bio hl, chem hl, english a sl and a 7 in sl math. I’m apply to chemical and biomolecular engineering in HKUST, science in HKU and biomedical engineering in CUHK.

I have quite a bit of extra circulars, and have done internships in the HKUST bio research lab and a hospital, both of which I have gotten recommendation letters for. Outside school, I play for a men’s club team and have been involved in charities or teaching trips to china.

Do you think this is enough to get an offer?

@coco1997‌ Your IB predicted is in the range for all the programs you’re applying to because they aren’t the most competitive ones in all of the schools, but I have to say your GCSEs are a little too low. But then I may be wrong, depending on your school’s system. I’m just curious why you had taken GCSEs, which is the British system, and doing IB the American system? If you’re from the States, I’m pretty sure GCSEs will be less looked upon; but if you’re from the UK, then you’re at a disadvantage for your GCSEs.

Like the British schools, HK universities look more at grades than recommendations, extra curricular activities. HKUST especially look the least at personal statements, just keep these differences in mind. Having done something related to HKUST might give you an edge though.

For your information, I got 8A*2A1B for IGCSE, a result that is barely touching the safety line for all those program you’re applying to (if I were to apply).

@alafae Thank you so much! I thought HKUST cares more about IB tthan igcse, dont they?? I’m actually a Hong Kong international school student! I was quite lazy in my gcse period! Where are you applying?? and do you do AL??

@coco1997‌ All HK universities do care about IB more than IGCSEs because they’re different levels of exam, but your grades differ a little too much, which will cause doubt for admission officers and of course wonder which system you’re actually doing and perhaps self-studying. They do make small differences!

HKIS is up for good these days! Don’t worry, as long as you’re not under average in your school, I’ll be willing to bet the top 3 HK universities will be more lenient towards your students.

And yes I do AL. You can read my threads for more information. I was going to apply to HKU Business, CUHK Journalism, Global Business, etc.

@coco1997 hey I applied for chemical and biomolecular engineering at HKUST and biomedical engineering at CUHK as well! did you get any offers yet? I Didn’t get any yet

last date to apply ? @coco1997 @affxion

@kumari896 the deadline already passed ~ it was 31st december

@affxion iam talking bout HKUST

@kumari896‌ The deadline was 15th, but they accept late round applicants as well.
@affxion‌ I had an interview and a written test at CUHK, but I messed it up so I think I will be considered in my second choice, which is a 4 year course with advanced standing (not the course I interviewed for, which was a 3 year biomedical engineering course.) I haven’t heard from HKUST yet. May I ask what are predicted grades are like??

@kumari896‌ yep the deadline for HKUST was 31st december

@coco1997 i didn’t understand ur question about predicted grades .Can u be more clear ?

I just got offers from both!