Apply to UK with IB Diploma – Trash First Sitting of SAT

I am in the process of filling out my UCAS application. There is just one issue, though. My score from the first sitting of the SAT is utter trash (1420, 690ERW, 730M). I have improved since and now have a respectable 1530 (760ERW, 770M).
Do I need to submit my first SAT score?

Just for some context, my choices are:
Cambridge | Natural Sciences
Imperial | Physics
UCL | Physics
U of Edinburgh | Physics
U of Manchester | Physics

Predicted IB score will likely be 41/42 marks with 777 at HL. My subjects are: Physics HL (7), Mathematics A&A HL (7), English B (7), Chemistry (7), Economics (6), German A (7)
I have taken/will take a fair bit of university-level coursework via the Hong Kong University Summer Institute (1 course / 6 HKU credits) and Stanford ULO (5 courses / 3 Stanford CSP credits each).
Will my first SAT score really mess me up here?


Do you reckon it matters?

No. Your 1530 is the more important one.

Hmm let’s hope so. I’m kinda interested in other people’s thoughts on this. Could anybody chance me by the way?

To the best of my knowledge, as a US student, you can apply to UK universities with:

  1. A-Levels
  2. IB
  3. SATs plus APs

If you decide to use the IBs to apply, I would wonder why you need to disclose your SATs.

I might be uninformed, does the application form force this?

All scores are required to get reported