Applying to College as an OCI

I am an American citizen currently in India and would like to apply to umass amherst and other colleges around boston/MA. Are these colleges accepting these scores as it is not very safe to write TOEFL/IELTS in India due to very high covid 19 cases? I am sooooooo freaking worried as I am soooo late to this whole pressure. Not an excuse but being a CBSE student really limited my resources to apply to college. If any one can please help me figure out college as an American citizen with OCI.

You need to contact the admissions offices of each of the places on your list, tell them that you are a US citizen who has been living and studying in India, and ask what you need to do. Do not be surprised if each of them tells you something different. Just send each place whatever each place asks for.

You also should contact the EducationUSA Advising Center that is closest to where you live. There are several in India. If none of the counselors at that center have worked with a US citizen recently, they certainly have colleagues in other offices who have. There are many US citizens in India.