Applying to colleges as an International (Asian-Indian)

Hey, I’m an international applicant to some US universities, but have very less chances getting into them, first being an international, and second that I also require financial aid.
So, I’m also planning to apply to other countries abroad. So, please do help me by sharing some useful info. or advice that you might have. A Huge Thanks In Advance!!

Major : Physics, with Minor in Maths
Class 9th : 96%, Class 10th : 96.8%(School Topper), Class 11th : 78%, Class 12th (mid-year) : 89%, predicted for Class 12th : 97%
All these years, I was ranked 1 out of all the 119,115,73,71 students respectively.

A strong personal statement and personality with outstanding remarks from teachers.

My family’s annual income is $28k, so they can only afford to pay at-most $6k per annum for my education. Also, I don’t want to take any study loan greater than $20k.

Also, college should be in one of the following:

  • UK
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • Switzerland

Considering all the above mentioned details, please do let me know of the possible colleges that I can apply to and where I can possibly get in.

You really have strong stats but applicants from India are very competitive… so you gotta have some hook… something unique about you… everyone has one things that’s unique… so main focus on that… n apply to universities which provides full demonstrative need… or need blind colleges like Harvard, MIT, Yale, Princeton and Ahmrest… there’s college like Pomona, standford, Colgate, Skidmore, Vanderbilt… my request is take a gamble… college admission process is a huge tass ka khel…there’s no set requirements… they just want unique people with potential… so Good Luck from Nepal with it… don’t be afraid to apply to big colleges…

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Are you saying that Pomona, Colgate, Skidmore, and Vanderbilt follow a need-blind admission process for international students? Because I don’t think that’s true.

Nope… I am not

I clearly wrote HYP, Ahmrest and MIT

Hey, thanks for the words and I do have a hook (like, I never give up and have a dark past due to financial crisis, not even getting one good meal a day sometimes)

I’m now more or less familiar with the US admissions process and the colleges, but what I need is the colleges from UK, Germany, Canada or Switzerland where I can apply and have really good chances of getting in, also considering my family support of only max. $6k per annum

We are kinda in the same position … like I applied to 26 colleges this year using common app fee waiver… no financial contribution from parents whatsoever… n on top of it i’m 23 years old. So don’t loose hope… apply to as many colleges you can… look for Need blind and full-demonstrative need colleges and apply… you never know you might get into some …

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Are you still looking for help… text me if you like… I’m not an agent or anything but I can help you with many things.

Are you intending to apply to start in September of 2021? If so then I think that you are late (wherever you have already applied is where you are going to apply). If you intend to apply to start in September of 2022 then of course you have plenty of time.

For universities in the US I would be primarily concerned with whether they meet full need for international students. Being need-blind is less important. The thing is that the schools that are need blind are also very competitive for admission for international students. The schools that consider your need will be hard to get into, but so will the need blind but highly competitive schools. I do not think that there is any safety in the US for an international student who needs full financial aid.

For schools in Canada, your excellent grades make admission very likely. The problem will be paying for it. The only option that I am aware of that might work would be to apply for the Lester B Pearson scholarship at the University of Toronto. This is a very highly competitive scholarship, and I am pretty sure that you need to get your high school to nominate you for the scholarship.

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yeah I looked up for the scholarship a few weeks ago, but it says that school should be registered with them.
The thing is, I am the first one, in all of my region and around out of the 30+ schools, to apply for Admissions abroad for undergrad.
So, it is obvious from it that my school is not there, and the registration deadline for this year has passed. So, I can’t apply for Lester B Pearson Scholarship.

Considering my conditions and stats, can you suggest me some for options?