Applying to the US from the UK

I’m currently in year 13 hoping to go to university either this year or next year. I’m already holding an offer for a UK university but am quite worried about the course, particuarly as it wasn’t one I originally applied for.

I’m looking at the US system because it seems to be more broad, which is something that really appeals. My issue is grades and SAT/ACT - I’d like to go to a pretty reputable uni but am currently on anything from AAB to ABB a level grades and without prior preparation around 1440 (640 reading 800 maths) on the SAT.

I have a lot of extra curricular, but I’m not sure if this makes up for the lower a level grades?

I’d love advice on what to do in my situation, and what types of unis I couldn’t get into with my grades/ if I’d be able to get any scholarships (financial problems with being abroad)

Thank you if you help! :slight_smile:

You can get scholarships based on your sat score - try to improve the EBWR score.
What do you want to major in?
Are you interested in LACs ?
Can you retake the sat in August to gauge better where you can apply?