Applying to Waterloo, UBC, UToronto, UAlberta, McGill &McMaster

I am a recent High School Graduate and will be applying for my undergraduate studies at these Universities for 2019 session (mostly in Mathematics & CS related courses). I have few question I would Like to ask.

As I have only 75% in 12th. So I was about to appear for SAT in December 2018 to compensate for my lower scores then apply for admissions, but due to some difficulties I faced regarding my mother’s illness (after struggling for almost two years and after a long hospital stay she died due to cardiac arrest this November - this was the major reason for the drop in percentages), I couldn’t. SAT are again going to take place in the month of May next year, should I register for it or register for AP exams and explain my extenuating circumstances on my personal profile, will the University consider my marks in these exams?. I have great scores in my 11th and 12th mid term (90%+), can I get an offer from the university based on these scores and then appear for SAT or AP in May and then submit those scores for final consideration?
I am following Indian Curriculum (CBSE).

I’m very sorry for your loss.

You would probably be best to direct your questions directly to the admissions departments for the schools you are considering given your extenuating circumstances.