Are GCSE enough

<p>I would like to apply to US university next year, started my A-Levels this year. I wanted to know if my GCSE result are actually enough. I got 2A's 4B's and 1'C. I am going to retake that C.</p>

<p>Nop. GCSEs with SATs and AS levels might be enough but I'm not 100% on that.</p>

<p>I do know someone who went to JHU with only the equivalent of GCSEs and SAT scores but her grades were pretty good so that could have made the difference.</p>

<p>I guess you're asking if your results are good enough rather than if you only need GCSEs to apply. The answer is, depends where you're applying. Your A levels and SATs are more important than your GCSE grades, so don't worry too much about them.</p>