Are my ECs okay for a freshman?

<p>I'm running for secretary in Beta Club. I'm in Spanish Club, Book Club, and Sisters/Mentor Club. I also screen write with my school's film club. I'm going to be on the newspaper staff for the next three years. Is this is an okay start for schools like UNCW (and my reaches: NYU, Emerson and UCLA)?</p>

<p>those are good, just be sure to get leadership otherwise the club is (almost) useless.</p>

<p>That is absolutely not true, you do not need leadership to show your passion or involvement in a club. It is not about being President of a club, it is the actions that matter.</p>

<p>I agree, however being President or any other officer position does entail a certain degree of involvement, unless the club is unsophisticated.</p>

<p>“President of the future dishwashers of America”…
Seems legit. </p>

<p>Lol apandia is right … Of course you don’t have to be president to show involvement or passion but if you are that’s where the credit go’s. You can imagine numerous people in the White House helping Obama make decisions but at the end of the day he is recognized as president</p>