Are there combined BS/Dental School programs that you can apply to straight from high school with DAT?

Are there any programs that students can apply to straight from high school where they are already admitted into undergrad and dental school and the DAT is waived?
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Look at Augusta University in GA. We attended an admissions event for several GA schools and I know the rep from Augusta talked about this. I didn’t pay too much attention because it is not a school my dd is interested in attending. Augusta U used to be Medical College of GA.


DAT cannot be waived. You have to take it whether you’re in the accelerated program or not. (Although being in a program lowers the cutline.)


There are actually quite a few. See the link:


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You still need to take the DAT even if they say guaranteed acceptance.

UPitt GAP dental 8 yr is the only I know where DAT isnot requuired