Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?!?!

<p>No, not at all. I'm just saying that a 5 oz bird could not carry a 1 pound coconut.</p>

<p>-------end of monty python quote-----------------------------------------</p>



<p>Qualifications: I have a rock hard bod........... lol yea right.</p>



<p>SAT I (I was sick on the new one and my pencil broke on the writing section....): 760 Math, 650 Verbal, 590 Writing (2000)</p>

<p>SAT II's (lol, sick again, had to go to RR in mid of history test section): 780 Math IIc, 750 Chem, 610 History.</p>

<p>NOTE: I will be retaking the SAT I in January and I hope to raise my score to atleast a 2200.</p>

<p>GPA: 89.5 Unweighted, 101 Weighted. (dunno about the scale junk)</p>

<p>National Hispanic Scholar</p>

<p>AP Tests:</p>

<p>Chem: 5
Comp Sci: 3 (Self taught 1 month before the test)
Economics: N/A
Government: N/A</p>

<p>IB Tests:</p>

<p>Biology: 6</p>

<p>Current Schedule </p>

<p>AP Govt (Const. Team)
AP Economics
IB Physics HL
IB Math Methods HL
IB English 4 HL
IB History HL
IB Theory of Knowledge (soo much BS in this class)
IB Spanish SL
Bleh @ P.E. (apparently a black belt doesn't mean I'm fit lol...)</p>


<p>NHS - 11, 12</p>

<p>TSA - 9, 10 (State photo restoration with photoshop champ twice)</p>

<p>U.I.L CompSci/TeamChem/Math/Science - 9,10,11 (Numerous awards including 2nd place team district in Comp Sci)</p>

<p>Art Club Treasurer - 9, 10</p>

<p>Tae Kwon Do - 10, 11, 12 (Black Belt, many 1st place in sparring/form, assistant instructor)</p>

<p>Kung Fu / Tai Chi - 12</p>

<p>Capoeira - 11, 12</p>

<p>Aikido - 11, 12</p>

<p>Visual Arts - 9, 10, 11, 12 (No competitions)</p>

<p>Violin - 10, 11, 12</p>

<p>International Club - 11, 12 (Learn new languages. I speak some German, Latin, and Japanese. Fluent in Spanish)</p>

<p>20+ tutor hours a month (I help teach the physics class, few can understand my chinese teacher's heavy accent lol...)</p>

<p>School Paper Humor Section Writer - 12</p>

<p>National Hispanic Institute Cross Examination - 9, 10 (coach in 10th grade)</p>

<p>Taught a Computer Science class my Junior Year. (Volunteered since the teacher didn't even know Java.)</p>

<p>Extra Info:</p>

<p>Math: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, PreCal, IB Math Methods HL (AP, IB, Pre-AP)</p>

<p>Science: Chem 2 yrs, Bio 2 yrs, Physics 2yrs, Anatomy 1 yr (All pre-AP, AP, or IB)</p>

<p>And God said, "Thou shalt count to three. No more. No less. Three is the number of the counting, and the number of the counting shall be three....."
(enough monty python lol)</p>


<p>U.I.L thingies..
National Hispanic Scholar
Martial arts trophies
Distinguished Achievement Program Candidate (Basically 4 college creds..)
IB Diploma Candidate
(I don't compete in stuff that much... I'm a pacifist =P )</p>

<p>1st place for an animation contest at school using Flash. Parody of Boondock Saints, a great movie.</p>

<p>Teacher Recs: Good I hope. Signed waiver thingy, but my teacher know I try hard and am a diligent student. Started with a 70 in English (my weak subject and a damn hard teacher.... had a 90 last 3 years...) and have upped it by 7 points every six weeks. Got the highest grade on final with an 84, and she explained how I've improved tremendously. Math teacher should be very good.</p>

<p>Counsler Rec: Great after I saved her rear end by being a chef for the Relay for Life event. Cooked 30lbs of damn good fajitas. Also I talk to her daily.</p>

<p>Essays: Interesting... I've been told they are between exceptional and average, so I say pretty strong. (Wanna read? Email me at <a href=""></a> or PM me.... the email is just random letters, no reasoning behind it.)</p>

<p>Legacy at Rice and Princeton.</p>

<p>Hardest possible curriculum.</p>

<p>Oh yea, my expected score on AMC 12 is 110 or higher. Took a practice one before X-mas and got a 120.</p>


<p>I build and repair comps. Was a webmaster for NHI for a little while.</p>

MIT- Well we talked for 3 hours and enjoyed it. Good?</p>

<p>Rice- I can't tell, only 30 minutes and she was boring. Mediocre</p>

<p>Princeton- Haven't done it yet, maybe my uncle can interview me....</p>

<p>Cornell- I didn't bother. I am applying here as my last resort Ivy. It is a good school. I just don't like New York that much, but I want to be able to switch to a good Architecture program.</p>

<p>So they set up camp and ate Robin's minstrels, and there was much rejoicing. Yayyyy......... (more monty python !!)</p>

<p>legacy is good, isnt it? esp for ivies!
i really dont know much about evaluating ppls chances ! but here's a reply from me, since no one seemed to have replied to your thread! :)</p>

<p>if ur essays are good, maybe they can help boost areas where ur app is lacking
and natl hispanic scholar , that seems like a big plus.</p>

<p>but again, i really dono. im just 17 lol.</p>

<p>thx for the response</p>

<p>SATs low, looks like you have a good personality, however. if you can show it through your essays, you may have a shot</p>

<p>A 1410 is low?</p>

<p>As far as I know, many colleges are ignoring the writing section or not paying much attention to it.</p>

<p>Hmm, for Magna Cum Laude. Do I put it if I am certain to get it, but haven't received it yet?</p>

<p>sat writing is a little ehhh.... maybe mechanical pencils? pencil sharpener? pen?????</p>

<p>but seriously your abs of steel will make up for it if your obsession with monty python doesnt</p>

<p>lol, I just saw monty python again and I was filling this out while all my friends were quoting it =)</p>

<p>This post itself made me laugh out loud with glee. If this post is anything like your application, I hope you get in, just because the Ivies need more laid-back people like yourself.</p>

<p>Be sure to mention your abs of steel, heee hee hee.</p>

<p>actually, princeton is looking at the writing section...</p>

<p>Pton is? Yeh, that is the best I did. Wait will they look at the Essay too? Because I got an 11 on that, but had lower comprable section scores.</p>

<p>dunno about actually looking at the essay. I hope not, cuz I got an 11 also, but they probably will find it hard to read my handwriting!</p>

<p>I had fun with writing as well (760/720/600!). I empathise with you and will gladly go to any Uni that accepts you ;)</p>

<p>what does ib stand for? are they better than aps?</p>

<p>international baccaloreate (i know thats spelled wrong.) they're like for an international high school diploma, standardized curriculum. they'rebecoming mroe and more popular in the states. exams are graded on a scale of 1-9, depends on the school whether you get credit.
not better (in my opinion) than APs, but i've never taken IB...</p>

<p>IB is 1-7 and yes the courses and quite a bit harder because your score depends on more than just the test. You get assessments to complete every year, have to do a 4000 word research essay over the summer, etc.
Having taken AP and IB classes, I can honestly say IB is a lot harder. It involves more writing in all classes and for the math section, you have to be able to communicate..... Basically you can get 100% correct on the math exam and still fail.</p>

<p>Eh, I'm guessing that maybe I should email them to explain my low writing score and history score =/. I'm estimating that my chance of being rejected at all 4 based on average acceptance is</p>

<p>Princeton - 13%
MIT - 16%
Rice - 22%
Cornell - 29%</p>

<p>.87 * .84 * .78 * .71 = 40% chance of not getting in. </p>

<p>Hopefully my shot is actually higher than that....... =/</p>

<p>lollerskates, ib is for nerds......</p>

<p>i'd bet on cornell</p>

<p>hmm how can u take maths methods at Higher level. (isnt that just higher level maths?) or is this a new maths course or something? I cant believe u are doing 4 HL and 2 APs...!! thats just impossible!! well done (im assuming you will get a good predicted score)!=) i think u will get admitted at least in cornell. Princeton maybe cuz of legacy... it all depends on the essay. i reckon they look at ur essay and if its good, they will go wow, and then look at your SAT score, check that it is in the range, and then they'll admit you.</p>