Arizona State University Admissions Fall 2018

I applied to ASU in November before the VIP admission deadline and self-reported my courses and grades. So the application was under review and turned the status to pending, after which I submitted my foreign high school transcripts, and it was received on 12/28/2017. But it took a while for the status to return the review. Now it’s been more than a week and I still haven’t got the decision. Should I worry? Will I get in?
P.S. I am a US Citizen and graduated from a high school in India. I have a 3.75 GPA, and an SAT score of 1310/1600.

Don’t worry, you’ll get in. My son is also in the same category ( US citizen in india) and he’s already got into CS with 1240 SAT and similar GPA

Thank you! I hope I do get in because it’s my first choice university. I want to major in Medical Studies which is in downtown Phoenix campus, and I have heard that it’s easier to get admission at downtown Phoenix than Tempe campus.Can you tell me how long did it take to receive the admission decision for your son?

Not very long after they received all his school transcripts and test scores. You should be getting your admit letter soon. All the best !

Thanks for the help! I appreciate it.

I’m so happy to say this that I got admitted to ASU! I just found out today. Seems like they work on Saturdays too; I didn’t expect them to update the status on weekend.

Hey! which school are you in? I am from India as well and got accepted into ASU on 1/19 (MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ) at the polytechnic campus @Angie09