Art Conservation -- U. Del. vs W&L vs W&M

<p>I would love your thoughts on this. My daughter is deciding between Washington & Lee, William & Mary, and U. Delaware. Due to merit aid the costs of the three schools are equivalent.</p>

<p>Daughter wants to go into art conservation, specifically textile conservation. U. Del. has the only undergrad art conservation program in the country, and it looks great. Even though she is accepted into the honors college, it is still a big state school.</p>

<p>W&M has an awesome history program with lots of hands-on experiences available. </p>

<p>W&L has a weaker history program but it has a prof who works with the chemistry of old art (restoration etc.) who is interested in helping daughter design her own major. Certainly W&L has lots of prestige.</p>

<p>What should she know or think about as she weights the three schools? How good is W&M's art history? Do people go on into art conservation from W&M? We would love any and all thoughts!</p>