As Colleges Move Classes Online, Families Rebel Against the Cost

"After Southern California’s soaring coronavirus caseload forced Chapman University this month to abruptly abandon plans to reopen its campus and shift to an autumn of all-remote instruction, the school promised that students would still get a “robust Chapman experience.”

‘What about a robust refund?’ retorted Christopher Moore, a spring graduate, on Facebook.

A parent chimed in. ‘We are paying a lot of money for tuition, and our students are not getting what we paid for,’ wrote Shannon Carducci, whose youngest child, Ally, is a sophomore at Chapman, in Orange County, where the cost of attendance averages $65,000 a year. Back when they believed Ally would be attending classes in person, her parents leased her a $1,200-a-month apartment. Now, Ms. Carducci said, she plans to ask for a tuition discount." …