Ask anything about Pomfret

My D is a sophomore at Pomfret. Let me know if you have any questions

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Oh, great timing! I was just thinking of asking questions! I really didn’t know too much about Pomfret, but it has found its way onto our list. What attracted your family to Pomfret in the first place? Has it lived up to your expectations/anticipation so far? What’s the work load like? They say they aim for joy and rigor–how well do they deliver on that? How’s the vibe on campus? Are kids engaged both in academics and all the other parts of campus life? I’m sure I’ll think of more questions, but that’s a good start! Thank you!

We visited Pomfret over the long weekend, and we loved the vibe. Very Challenging, but low-key and accepting. It is 80% boarding and our student tour guide had transferred there from a HADES school and loves it - even took a dance class just to try it. One of our top choices.

Pomfret was our last visit and almost didn’t make the list because of the lack of a track team in the spring. However, after visiting my daughter didn’t want to consider any other school. I am so happy we trusted in her wisdom- we have been thrilled with the the decision. To answer your questions- the vibe on campus is very family like!!! They balance joy and rigor by allowing the students to have a strong voice in choosing their schedules. Thy encourage but don’t overwhelm. And they really focus on the comprehension of the material- not just the grades achieved in the class. My daughter says the work load is very manageable, even though she is involved in a lot. Every student I have met seems quite involved. There seems to be a path for everyone.
I was a little hesitant about the secluded campus. However, now I see it as a huge asset. They do a wonderful job of providing exciting on campus activities, which really instilled a strong sense of community. As a parent of 5- I can honestly say, the teachers at Pomfret are the most caring professionals that I have encountered.