ASU - Assured Admission / Application Timing Question

For ASU assured admission criteria, the requirement is a 3.0 GPA for Core Classes (or a 24 on the ACT, which won’t likely get taken at this point, so we are sticking with aiming for the 3.0).

ASU recalculates the GPA to include only the “Core Competency Classes”. As of right now, DD has a 3.1 in all her coursework, but only a 2.96 Core GPA when it is calculated. It’s so math heavy. Going in to her senior year, she has taken all but two of the core courses, and she is enrolled for those this fall. The issue is that those won’t be completed in time to impact the Core GPA (for better or worse) before the application deadlines. Based on what admissions at ASU said at our tour, she intended to apply really early (this summer, right when the apps open). My question is whether anyone knows if the 2.96 will be rounded for the assured criteria (it’s so close) or if it makes more sense to wait for at least one term of the classes to come in, which could result in it dipping further?

And then, if she does apply now and is accepted, would they then retract that acceptance if the Core GPA was slightly lower at the end of senior year?

She will major in humanities or the arts, those grades are good, and after all of her tours this is her absolute #1 choice. Not sure what to advise her about when to do the application. Don’t want to bother the admissions reps

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@lemons216e - first, the admission reps are paid to help someone just like you and your daughter. Second, while not a guarantee, the likelihood that ASU would rescind admission is very low. Unless your daughter gets D’s and F’s, she will be in good shape.

The 2.96 is on the line, but I think the will round up. That is a great question for an admission advisor. Send them an email.