ASU Dorms

<p>Does anyone have suggestion as to what are the best ASU dorms for non honors-college students? Thanks.</p>

<p>The dorm selection depends on your interests. If you want to be with people with similar interests then ASU has living communities, or if you want to be in and all freshman dorm, or coed by room or men/women floor etc. I hear Palo Verde is all freshman but very loud dorm. I am a parent and I have not lived there. My son lives in one of the Honors dorm, so I can't tell you much about the other dorms. You may want to consider location, where your most of your classes are going to be, and if the dorm has a cafeteria and their hours of operation. </p>

<p>Mariposa is a Freshman Year Experience and Healthy Living Community, is an alcohol and tobacco-free environment. </p>

<p>Manzanita is all freshman Smoke-free, and houses the College of Education Residential Community, Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering Residential Community and W. P. Carey School of Business Residential Community </p>

<p>McClintock is coed by suite, a Freshman Year Experience Hall housing Fine Arts, Public Programs and Athena communities only. </p>

<p>Palo Verde (3 buildings) a Freshman Year Experience residential community. Only freshman students live in these buildings.</p>

<p>Location is important! Theres a distinct lack of dining services on the southside,and the northside,where Manzy,the Palo Verde's and the new San Pablo are have better access.Also puts you much closer to Mill avenue, the local strip of shops,bars and restaurants.The middle of the campus where all the academics are house only Honors and McClintock.The only food option here(closeby) is the Memorial Union or an outdoor cafe in the Honors complex.They are building new housing which will have food service (McAllister) but its not done yet.</p>

<p>Hmm how are the rooms in Mariposa Hall? Is it possible to get a single room there?</p>

<p>Sorry,didnt see this earlier.Mariposa is an old dorm..former motel looking.You can get singles, I think,unless you are a freshman.It faces a pretty busy street,Apache.Its been the "wellness" dorm in past years.
Have you taken a tour of ASU yet? If not take a look at a campus map to make sure the location on the "southside" is okay.</p>

<p>Yes I have taken tours, but I've never ventured into that area before. I was just wondering how the rooms compare to the other dorms.</p>

<p>Here is a thread about ASU dorms</p>

<p>New Academic Village...</p>

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<p>ASU Residential Life - webpage
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<p>My son got accepted and got assigned to Cholla (1 bedrm). Anyone know anything about Cholla??? I know it's a bit of a walk to any dining area. Is it ok for a freshman?</p>

<p>What honors dorm does anyone know about? I'm encouraging my son to keep an open mind about ASU, as it's a very attractive option, especially financially.</p>

<p>My daughter lives in a single at Cholla she likes it. It is a little further then some of the other dorms but she rides a bike to most of her classes, and to the grocery store. The dorm itself has block walls, her good friend is a musician and plays his clarinet without any complaints from the neighbors. She also likes having a full size refrigerator and a stove to cook on. But like any dorm there are parties there too. Her first night there the police came and arrested some kids on her floor. So a few weeks later everyone on her floor had to go to class about drinking. But I don't think it matters too much almost all the dorms will have this problem. Unless you live in the healthy living community.</p>

Cholla is now an all freshman dorm
They have refrigerators and stoves,thus they won't have to buy the new mandatory meal plan.Its far to classes/dining but no further than the south side dorms.</p>

<p>oh and I has a swimming pool!</p>


<p>Thanks for your replies! Very Helpful info!!</p>

<p>My daughter is a sophomore and she lives at Cholla. They are not all freshmen this year she could of signed up for the same room so I am sure they are not all freshmen again next year. They do have the freshemen in different buildings or wings.</p>

<p>Is Cholla a regular dorm or an honors dorm? It sounds like a nice place to live.</p>

<p>It is not an honors dorm but anyone can live there</p>

<p>cholla is the best dorm, that's what it is...woohoo cholla!</p>

<p>Cholla is now a freshman dorm.its not honor' aware of its location on the campus,if looking on a map its near the law school.its not quite as nice as in the brochure pics,its kinda old.Has your child considered the new McAllister Academic will be brand new.</p>

<p>I stand corrected!It was supposed to be an all freshman dorm but I guess it didnt turn out that way.
HiMom..if your child is going to be in Honors I would encourage them to spend the first year in the Honors complex...just to get to meet the other kids,take advantage of the services available there..they even have their required "Human Event" class on the premises.</p>