Asyraf Haziq, beaten then robbed in London

<p>Asyraf Haziq, a 20-year-old Malaysian student on scholarship in London was cycling with his friend when a mob of youths attacked him. Some people tried to help him, or thats what it looked like. They turned him around and stole valuables from his backpack. What has society come to? Are we so low that we have to rob a hurt, defenseless person. </p>

<p>Thoughts anyone? </p>

<p>YouTube</a> - Broadcast Yourself.

<p>YouTube</a> - Broadcast Yourself.

<p>I've really become quite cynical. I assume that 90% of people are inherently scumbags who will harm others for their own pleasure or amusement.</p>

<p>News has been painting it as the Afro-Caribbean community doing this, but it turns out it's mostly white people: Shock</a> over 'respectable' lives behind masks of UK rioters -</p>

I've really become quite cynical. I assume that 90% of people are inherently scumbags who will harm others for their own pleasure or amusement.


<p>I tend to believe this about groups of people. People by themselves I am more optimistic and less worried about.</p>

<p>What happened to the Malaysian student is not so surprising to me for this reason. What's normal for a group of people to do, and what's normal for a single person to do, are quite different. I would doubt how much this incident reflects about the state of the society, other than that the amount of grouping has increased, which has lead to more actions typical of groups.</p>

Meaning people will be evil when they are shielded by a group doing the same thing...</p>

<p>Ugh, I guess public high school IS an accurate reflection of society.</p>

<p>It scared..youd think if u were sitting there hurt someone would help you up.</p>

<p>Anyways, I do have to say that this is disgusting. Yes, the actions of a group are more different than a single person, but even just ONE person in that group could've made a difference. And when no one comes out to make a difference, that's just sad.</p>

<p>Its not the fact that he was mugged..but the fact thatd someone would steal from a hurt person</p>

<p>One at least of the perpetrators has appeared in court, although the news report doesn't say which one he is in the video clip. He appeared before the Magistrates' Court and was remanded in custody to appear before the Crown Court later this week. For those not familiar with the tiers of courts in England and Wales this means he's going to be charged and tried for something which is greater than the magistrates' level of jurisdiction. The Crown Courts also have higher sentencing powers, so many of those involved in the riots whose cases have been dealt with summarily by the Magistrates' Courts, e.g. because they pleaded guilty, have had the sentencing referred to the Crown Court</p>