Athlete Dining Plan

<p>I will be a freshman at Cal Poly in the fall and will also be doing track and field. I was curious as to if there is a separate dining plan for athletes as opposed to the standard dining plans. Any help is appreciated.</p>

<p>Can’t really help you with that…I would see if you can get a soph track student…even one in your major to get a reality check on the food scene.
I think there is a mandatory plan that all frown have to have…if you need more you can add on $$.
A far bigger concer now is that my son is realizing how iDVD it is to get the classes he need to progress in the fall. It is looking ike it will take a min of 5 years to graduate…
Now that would not happen aat RH!
Other than that he loves the s hoop town, but on must steer clear of the engineering student who party too much…however they will self district in the program and evaporate shortly into soph year!</p>

<p>No athletes and non athletes all share the same dining plans. I used to be an athlete at Cal Poly and just took the freedom plan like most of the other dorm residents. I actually ended up running out of plus dollars about a week short of the end of each quarter, but I ate a lot. Generally nobody runs out and I had a lot of friends who had a surplus of plus dollars at the end of every quarter. </p>

<p>If by chance you do run out you can just add more money to your account. Each plus dollar equates to about one real US dollar so don’t feel ripped off if you do need to add more.</p>