Atlantic At NYU?

<p>I was wondering if you all could tell me what you know about the program?
Are you allowed to double major?</p>

<p>D just finished her 2nd year in Atlantic. Loves the program, without question. Truly prepares you for being a working actor. </p>

<p>It's one of the larger studios. There are about 60 Atlantic first-years. However, they break the class up into groups of 15. You take your drama classes with your group. Each semester they mix up the groups, so you'll be in a new group of 15 (although some will have been in your old group.) It's a great way to learn how to act with a variety of people.</p>

<p>You are allowed to double major, but it would be tough. The problem is in trying to fit your other major's required courses into your schedule. Studio is 3 full days/week. So the courses for your other major would have to be offered, in the right order, on the other days. In addition, you'll have other BFA requirements to fulfill, e.g., Theatre Studies, and university requirements to fulfill. And NYU does not give credit for every AP course, even if you got a 5.</p>

<p>If you are bound and determined to double major, it helps to take courses in the summer, even community college classes. Check with NYU to make sure they'd take them, but anything helps to get the general requirements out of the way. Check with the department of your other major; maybe they'd accept lower level courses from another college. As an Atlantic 2nd year, when only Tues/Thurs are free, you don't want to be locked out of some great upper level courses because you don't have the prerequisites.</p>

<p>Atlantic is a great studio. You will make lots of contacts, and being in the city, you'll be building a network right away.</p>

<p>I'm assuming that you're currently a high school junior, and haven't applied yet. If so, don't get focused on one studio, as Tisch assigns you and you have no choice. You have to either accept or decline the offer based on your studio assignment.</p>

<p>I would not go as far as saying "no choice" in studio. Yes, Tisch assigns you a studio and it may not be your first choice studio. But in the interview, you can request a studio and articulate why that studio is your best fit. It helps to know a lot about each studio in order to do that. It doesn't mean you WILL get your first choice studio if accepted. But the assignment of studio is not random. Tisch decides on the best fit placement but surely you can let them know your first and second choice studios and why. In order to do that, you have to know a lot about each studio to even be able to discuss why you fit it in an informed and reasoned way.</p>

<p>By the way, AlwaysAMom, a frequent and long term member of CC, has a daughter who graduated from Atlantic studio and did a double major in English.</p>

<p>Wow! i wanna double in political science?
Do you know if it was extremely difficult?<br>
Everyones like "Oh its impossible blahblahblah"</p>

<p>Just as an FYI, starting this year they no longer asked applicants about studio preferences. I'm sure you can still add your opinion at the end of the interview.</p>

<p>Soozie - Do you have any suggestions on how to research the studios? The NYU website really isn't very useful in this regard. Thanks!</p>

<p>Son just finished second year at Atlantic. He started his second major (in English) the fall of sophomore year and has a plan to complete it and do a study abroad before graduating. The key is that ATlantic is a three year program, so at the end of his junior year, he will have all of his BFA credits and can devote his senior year to finishing other major.</p>

<p>A few important things to know. ATlantic (and maybe all Tisch drama students) do not get Fridays off like the rest of NYU. My son was basically in class three very long days each week and two half days each week. He also had a 10 hour per week work study job. He did not have time this year to party, waste time, watch TV or much else besides work, studio, rehearsals and homework. But he loved it. He also did not have time to audition for any Tisch productions. There is NO way he could have added even one rehearsal to his schedule each week. Some of his rehearsals for his Atlantic work started at 11 p.m. </p>

<p>He would say a double major is doable, but you have to be dedicated, committed, organized. The other things is that you start your double major your sophomore year, so you have a year to figure out the lay of the land, check out the other majors and meet with your advisor to make a plan.</p>

<p>OneToughMommy, here's the link to the website with the studios; click on each studio to get the specifics.</p>

<p>Primary</a> Training: Tisch School of the Arts at NYU</p>

Soozie - Do you have any suggestions on how to research the studios? The NYU website really isn't very useful in this regard. Thanks!


<p>SDonCC gave you a link in post #10 <a href=""&gt;;/a> that is a good starting point. That link has links to information on each studio in Tisch Drama. </p>

<p>However, some studios have their own websites as well as the basic information on Tisch's site. You can google each studio's name to find their sites as well.</p>

<p>Here are some websites for individual studios (not all)...</p>

<p>Stella</a> Adler Studio of Acting School in New York</p>

<p>Atlantic</a> Theater Company</p>

<p>NYU:TSOA:Experimental</a> Theatre Wing</p>

<p>Playwrights</a> Horizons Theater School - home</p>

<p>Meisner Studio doesn't have its own site but if you go to the link SDonCC gave you, there is information on Meisner studio Meisner</a> Studio: Tisch School of the Arts at NYU and an additional link on the right side of the Meisner page that has a link to the course of study for NYU students in that studio. Meisner:</a> Tisch School of the Arts at NYU</p>

<p>New Studio for Musical Theater and Acting doesn't have its own website either but if you go to the link SDonCC gave you, and go to this link:
The</a> New Studio on Broadway: Tisch School of the Arts at NYU
you will find two links you can download on the right side of that page, one for the New Studio Acting Information jpeg and one for New Studio Music Theatre Information pdf. Also, on the New Studio link, there are many subcategories that you can link to for even more information on this studio. </p>

<p>Hope that helps.</p>

<p>You guys are the best!</p>