ATM/Banking on UAH Campus Information

Anyone who has a current UAH student:

I’m assuming there is an ATM somewhere on campus. Any info regarding what local credit unions/banks have it where there isn’t a service charge to use the ATM would be appreciated.

I’m doing research on where to advise DS to open an account to put his money and having a free option to pull out money on campus verses paying a service charge would be helpful in making a decision.

Also, any insight on local credit unions would be helpful as well. We are OOS so not familiar with local options except what I can read about online.

Thank you in advance for any information.

Our son is a senior. When he got to UAH, I opened an account with Alabama Credit Union, as it is on campus, and I also can transfer money from our credit union in VA to his account if needed. As for other banks in the area, we also have an account with Wells Fargo.

Thank you so much. I had read about Alabama Credit Union and glad to know there is one there at campus to make it easy for him to bank without needing to drive any where. I have clued him in on this credit union to see what he needs to do to open up an account there. It is also good to know I can transfer money directly into his account there if needed.

Thanks so much!!

Good question - also coming from a CU in Texas - this was on my list - Since DD does everything online or via her debit card I am hoping that she can keep her account as its easy for us to drop $$ into and just use the ATM on campus. I also have her set up on Venmo which I really like.

We bank with Truwest CU here in Texas. I called them today about this subject.

The Alabama CU is on the same network as Truwest (and I am sure many other CU’s). As @momreads mentioned, there is an ATM and satellite branch on campus. Account holders with different banks/CU’s but on the same network can access thru their ATM/Branch. I just went to the locator on our CU website and it showed me the Alabama CU’s as in network and where they were located.

My CU stated there is a form we need to complete so that we can move funds from our account to DD’s which is easier than Venmo or Paypal which can have a bit of a delay. I think between ATM, local branch privileges and Venmo/Paypal we will have her covered.