AU Class of 2025 -- RD DISCUSSION

Yes, there are professors who teach only honors classes. The point of the previous post was to mention that most of what honors is offering can be found through other programs at AU (advising, LLC, etc). The main appeal is normally the scholarship which wasn’t given this year.

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Hi. My student was admitted to AU, not Honors. I am criticizing the Admissions Office delivery this week, not its decisions. My student has now received two inaccurate congratulations-emails and two apologies. This is an unprofessional rollout; AU AO represented themselves poorly.

Of course, college administrators are busy. Yet, several replied. I am comfortable with my student taking the correspondence (or lack of) into account when making a 60k/year decision.

I see you are a senior. I hope you find a meaningful way to differentiate between your admissions. Best of luck!


My son also found the communication questionable and lacking. He already got into another school he prefers, but I find it unprofessional and concerning.


Congratulations to your son!

I will be more forgiving when our state school misses a moment. It is a fraction of the cost. I still love the unique programs at AU, but they need to do better. Although it is falling, AU remains on my student’s list.

The college application process has been strange. Some colleges are doing an excellent job relating to and communicating with students. Some are not. It is not a matter of lower-ranked schools trying harder and higher-ranked schools acting as of they are everyone’s pick for prom queen. It is inconsistent in every way.


If it happened once, mistakes happened. If it happens twice, AU is a mistake.


While frustrating and confusing this happens every year to different schools including names like Syracuse and Tulane. We emailed our AU admissions officer and received a quick and apologetic response. Wish your son the best in his college decision!

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Has anybody been accepted to FDDS but plan to turn it down to go another way?


How do we see our cost of attendance?

How much merit aid did you take. Subtract from $75K. I think they say $73K…but it’s always more than they say. You’ll be about there. So if you got $15K, figure out $60K.

Cost is a little more than $66k.

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I was accepted into American in the CBRS program as a CLEG major. I received a Dean’s scholarship($10,000). I was also accepted into Clark university with a $17,000 scholarship. I want to do an accelerated masters(a program both schools have). The ultimate goal is to go to Harvard Law. Which school will help me more long-term? The cheaper option, or a school with more internship opportunities in my major? Still waiting to hear back from several Ivies but I’m not counting on an acceptance.

Are you an alternate for the program?

What major ? People go to Harvard Law from many schools including no name ones. Which is better for you, fit and finance wise ? That’s where you should go. Frankly you should go to a cheaper alternative. See the list here. Noise State. Allegheny. South Dakota State. I’m not saying some aren’t going to be seen as better than others but focus on what you do with your experience at school and of course your test score etc

Sorry. Typing on phone. Boise State

Have any other RD admitted students not received their packet in the mail?

My daughter hasn’t received mail yet. Anyone else get the University College @AU email today?


My son hasn’t received anything in the mail yet either. We are from the midwest.

Does anyone know how the science dept. is at AU? I saw the new science building so I’m wondering if there is a push for more science majors?