AU Class of 2025 -- RD DISCUSSION

There’s definitely a push for more stem/not politics majors but I think the stem department is still kind of developing.


does anyone know if theres anything walkable near campus? like fun places to eat, hang out, etc.

Tenleytown. 15 min walk. Campus location isn’t great in that regard.

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Tentleytown and Cathedral Heights are within walking distance with restaurants and grocery stores, etc. It is about a 15 min walk but coming from someone who lives in a city 15 min is very normal and average.

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has anyone on the west coast received their physical acceptance letter?

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Anyone know how to decline the offer? I found how to accept but not how to decline. It’s not a big deal if I don’t decline since they probably will assume that I’m not coming at that point, but most colleges want to know if you are accepting or decline.

A lot don’t have declines - i haven’t looked yet. As of May 1 it’s an autodecline but some schools want to know where you are going and why - it helps them in theory.

Miami Ohio asked.

Florida State - I cancelled housing and they said you’re not coming. Thanks.

That was that.

Like 17 more to go.

I emailed my admissions counselor. It was just a short message - “I was honored to receive XX scholarship and be admitted to YY program, but after much careful reflection I have decided to attend a different institution” or words to that effect. She wrote back right away, said she’d withdraw my offer and wished me luck.

Has anyone on the waitlist been contacted?

Most schools won’t reach out til after May 1 - when they have a true sense. Don’t forget, they know their historical yield so they expect 70% or whatever to reject them.

So when someone says they withdrew, it’s not opening a spot. It’s expected.

It’s less likely someone accepts.

Yes! D21 was offered admission from the waitlist on Tuesday! She’s thrilled! I get the impression that they do them in small batches so hang in there!

does anyone have a sense of how much AU might use their waitlist this year? It’s my top choice and I got waitlisted- sent a LOCI and all that stuff, so just wondering if there’s any chance of me getting off.

We sent letters of declination to all of the schools. It simply seems like the right thing to do. We used a very basic template and sent the letter to the admissions director in the mail. You could also email them, but we went old school.

We received it about 4 days after they sent the admissions notice via email. We live in Oregon, BTW

Yes, the UC email came to us this week. Even if you have not ‘officially accepted’ (we have not), it’s good to go into the ‘MYAU Portal’ and select your top choices for UC so you can lock in a spot should you decide to attend AU. The seminars are small and unique and you risk not getting into the one you want.