Auburn c/o 2024 ea hasn’t been decided

Wondering if anybody out there is still waiting on Thanksgiving Day for EA to Auburn? It sounds as though many people have heard. Application was complete as of 09/25/19

My understanding is that EA is based only on the top GPA and ACT/SAT scores. If an applicant doesn’t make the cut for early action , they are put back into the pool for regular admissions, which means you may not hear until next year. You do have the opportunity to send in an updated transcript or information for application consideration.

@Doodles11 They changed things this year and have 12/1 as the release date (unless you applied before September 1). You should hear back regardless of decision (if it’s accept, defer or deny). I would suggest if you don’t hear back today, then call the admissions office on Monday and ask.

My son was notified of his acceptance on 11-23-19 via email. Received official admissions document via mail on Friday 11-29-19. Yes, the date for notification was 12-1, but since that fell on a Sunday, they were officially notified 2 days prior.
Good luck. WDE!!

im guessing they should be in