Auburn Early Action

I just checked my Auburn status page and the “complete ready for review” has been removed and changed to “Current Program: Bachelor of Science”. What does this mean and has this happened to anyone else?

Same with my son’s portal. Not sure what it means. I remember two years ago my older son’s portal clearly said “accepted”.

@stressedsenior26 I think it means you’re in!! The same thing happened for my son, who is a materials science engineering applicant. He’s now listed as an undgrad in pre-engineering, which is a Ginn requirement for freshmen. I don’t have ‘accepted’ in black and white, but we’re still doing the happy dance.

I just clicked on my son’s and his says “Decision Made” and under that “Accepted for Admission” I didn’t think anything was coming out until 12/1. Hope it is not a mistake.

Just got the acceptance email. I guess they are coming out early.

WOOOHOOOO!! We got the acceptance email!

I haven’t gotten an email yet. Hopefully soon.


They have updated the info on their website:

Early Action and Regular Admission Decisions will be released in rounds. Early Action: Mid-October and by December 1. Regular Decisions: Early January and Early March.

Mid-October, December 1: Early Action admission decisions released.

Thank you so much. I applied 9/16, so hoping I will find out soon.

My son’s status changed from “complete and ready for review” to just Admission Term (Fall 2020) and Admission Type (Freshman) two days ago. Today it returned to “complete and ready for review.” Anyone know what this means?

Not sure, but same happened with my son’s.

I wonder if they are sending some out each day. We haven’t received an email yet and no change on her application summary

Do you know if emails are being sent daily? Daughters application was updated with information that listed admission term, type, program etc. yesterday and today switched back to ready for review. Anyone know what that means?


@Ksholter that exact thing happened to my application

When did those who got accepted on 10/23 submit your applications to Auburn?

Probably 2 weeks after the application opened on 8/15

There’s a thread for posting stats about acceptance letters:

I know some were notified ahead of the December 1st original scheduled notification day, has anyone else heard anything?