Audit at UVa

<p>I am a fourth year at UVa. I plan to take some course either as audit or on a credit/no credit basis.
Does any one have an idea as to what the costs will be per credit or if the course is audited?</p>

<p>Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!!</p>

<p>The cost is the same... To be a full time student you need to take 12+ credits. If you take less than that, your financial aid will be jeopardized, you will not gain free admission to things like football games, etc. Once you are at 12 credits the cost is the same even if it is more than 12 credits.</p>

<p>FYI, you can take courses as P/F. It still counts towards your 12-credit min but you really, REALLY have to have your head in the sand to not get a P. Doesn't affect your GPA. It's basically an audit for credit type deal. I did this fourth year and it worked out perfect because I enjoyed the class and going every day (the teacher said miss 3 or more classes and it was an auto F) and I didn't feel pressured to always keep up with readings/note-taking. I learned quite a bit with the pressure release :)</p>

<p>I took a number of classes pass/fail and it was great. I highly recommend this (but it isn't any cheaper than taking them for a grade, just less pressure).</p>

<p>Since Hazel brought up the "cheaper" factor, everyone should keep in mind that drastic things happen when you fall below 12 credits, including but not limited to: risk of loss of financial aid, loss of coverage by parent's health insurance, loss of parents car insurance coverage, parents lose tax deduction, etc. It is wayyy better to take 3 classes and a fourth P/F than become a part-time student for a majority of students, even AccessUVa ones.</p>

<p>How does taking a course pass/fail affect your gpa?</p>

<p> doesn't
Grade</a> System — Undergraduate, College of Arts & Sciences, U.Va.</p>

<p>I think if you fail it's treated as if you failed a course under normal circumstances.</p>

<p> doesn't, if you even looked at the link you would see it does not affect your GPA. I was an instructor for a P/F course and my students who were having a hard time and/or were 4th years brought it up to me and that is how I know! (Plus... the link)</p>

<p>If you fail you don't get the course credits. So instead of 30/30 credits, you get 27/30 credits. It's unwise to fail a P/F class. Some departments get angry :eek: (please note, that smiley is : eek :. EEK! is right)</p>

<p>What departments get angry? I mean, you can't do it for requirements, but if it's just an elective and the professor okay's it then what would be the problem? I've done it plenty of times, no problems....</p>

<p>(Just to clear up the subject, I'm saying getting an F in a P/F class is bad news bears)<br>
I'm almost certain the e-school complains when you've gotten an F or two, GPA-hitting or not. Politics dept frowned upon it too. If you get an F in the P/F class, you don't get those credits, but it still shows you took them. I think society (jobs/grad school) wouldn't be happy with 128-completed/131-attempted credits on yer transcript either...</p>

<p>Oh yeah of course, but the consequences of a NC/U in a P/F class are less than a graded class because it isn't on your GPA is what I meant... Hence its allure for electives...</p>

<p>NC/U? (effing 10char)</p>

<p>Courses aren't "Pass/fail" They're either "Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory" (S/U) or "Credit/No Credit" (C/NC) I guess to distinguish between F failing and F not getting credit... I'm still not sure what the difference between S/U and C/NC is... I've taken classes under both.... Meh?</p>

<p>So glad I'm out of school :) All I know is getting 128/131 credits received probably looks terrible on a transcript and there's no reason to not get credit in an audit class. Time to go fight bigger battles or listen to UVAorBust go on and on about his dream school or dunk myself in an ice bath since Virginia can be compared to the surface of the sun these days...</p>

<p>Thanks so much for the responses. </p>

<p>I guess what I was trying to figure out is - say, I want to simply "sit in" in a class - take it neither S/U or C/NC just AU i.e. audit. Why I want to do that is a different story.<br>
I've heard of graduate students doing this. If they feel background from a certain class would help, they just "sit in" and take the course for audit.
I was just wondering how that would impact tuition. And based on the discussion, I am also wondering if at all undergrads can do this.</p>

<p>It was helpful to know that C/NC and S/U are not the same things. Thanks!</p>

<p>I actually was told I could not audit a class but I could do it CR/NC so that may be very true that you cannot audit as an undergrad. Each professor decides, some do not even let you do CR/NC! Audit doesn't count as extra credits, so that would definitely affect your tuition if it affected your full time status, which is 12+ credits. CR/NC still has credits so it would not affect your status since it would count towards credits as normal. IE one semester I took 9 graded credits and 3 CR/NC credits and was still full time.</p>

<p>Thanks Hazel!</p>